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I’m not in the life coaching business. I am in the life changing business. And it’s my mission to empower as many men as possible to create the life of their dreams

Past Adventure

A Journey Through the Sacred Valley

The Awakening Man is a unique transformational adventure in the Sacred Valley, Peru where an inspiring group of like-minded men will hike their way to the ancient ruins of Machu-Picchu, while exploring, over campfires and under the stars, what it means to be a man in the 21st century.

This is an incredible opportunity to mix adventure with transformation in one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World!

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Transformational Adventure Experiences Designed to Awaken Your Greatest Potential 

Upcoming Adventure:
The Awakening Man 

The Sacred Valley, Peru 

TBA 2018

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This is a tailor made relationship where you bring your biggest dream,  greatest fears and deepest desires into a safe, co-creative space that helps you build those dreams, dissolve those fears and embody your deepest desires.

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Group of Men


Join this exclusive group of Awakening Men looking to take their experience of life to the next level.
You will share, grow and learn with an intimate group of like-minded men in a powerful coaching environment that will begin changing how you view yourself and engage in the world, so that you show up as the most effective and authentic version of yourself.

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