One-on One Deep Coaching

Bring your biggest dreams, your greatest fears/limitations and your deepest longing and together, we’ll build your dreams, dissolve your fears and satisfy your longing.


Deep coaching is all about possibility. What do you believe is possible for your life? What have you always longed for? What do you feel is trying to emerge within you? What are you trying to create in the world?

Conversely, what’s keeping you from achieving your dreams? What’s keeping you from becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be and doing the things you’ve always wanted to do?

During our time together we will dive deep to answer these questions, dissolve self-limiting beliefs, anchor empowered states of being and take action to create the extraordinary life you desire.

Who Do I Work With?

I work with men and women who are…

  • Becoming spiritually aware (or desire to).
  • Socially-conscious, heart-centered and purpose driven.
  • Ready and committed to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs
  • Willing to invest time, money and energy in their own growth and transformation.


  • Sense a great potential within.
  • Desire to make a difference in the world.
Jonathan Hermida
Associate Certified Coach
Certified Deep Transformational Coach
It is only when you can first BE as you are, that you then have the clarity to BECOME who you’re meant to be. Herein lies the alchemy of the coaching space. 
Jonathan created a healing space for me.  He became my friend, my mentor and “big brother” although I am several years older than him.  By walking with me step by step through the muddy waters of my depression, I was able to accept what was happening and realize that somewhere in that mess I had not lost ME.  I was still there.  There was nowhere I could have gone even though at times I did not recognize what I had become.  Through Jonathan’s coaching I was able to reconnect with Essence, Spirit and that deep shining light I knew I had but had been unable to grasp.
Hamlet Mesa

Personal Trainer, USA

I will never forget Jonathan’s voice. It’s a calmful voice that strengthens me whenever I’m weak. It’s a powerful voice in times of insecurity and doubt. It always has the best advice for any seemingly hopeless situation. And it has become part of the voice of my heart that never stops telling me “I am who I am and that is good enough”.

Without Jonathan I would not be where I am today. He helped me overcome a major time of transition in my life, helping me feel more centered and secure.


Stefanie Richard

Entrepreneur, Vienna, Austria

Every session with Jonathan has helped me grow to a stronger person. He helped me realize that I am more than the person I think I am. Jonathan has been an amazing partner in the journey of my self-growth and I am very thankful that I have contacted him to coach me from the beginning. I am so much more confident and aware of myself in my approach in life, all thanks to his acknowledgement and encouragement throughout our sessions. Lim Liew Liew

Life Coach and Trainer, Malaysia

Coaching changed my life. 

The work I’ve done with my own coaches over the years has fast-tracked a growth in me that would have otherwise been time-consuming, costly and scattered at best. I’ve invested, and continue to invest, a significant amount of time, money and energy into my own growth and personal development through the coaches I work with because I continue to experience first-hand the transformational power of coaching. 

I don’t know of a resource more capable of bringing out our highest potential than this one.

Why? Because coaching is uniquely positioned to provide a safe space where you can explore every facet of your life and begin implementing tools and strategies to take each part of your life to the next level. Coaching is a co-creative partnership where together we create a space where limitations are clearly seen and dissolved and where life changing insights and opportunities present themselves. You have access to someone who holds you accountable for bringing forth the highest vision you have for your life.

I’m not here to change your life. I’m here to empower you to change it yourself. You already have everything you need. 

Tailor-Made Relationship 

No two people are alike which is why I don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach to coaching. Our coaching relationship will be like no other. It will be specially tailor-made to compliment your needs and to fit your personality. It may even evolve from session to session; whatever it takes to create the results you’re looking to create.

My approach is deep and it’s transformational. We drop beneath the surface level of problems to get to the core of things where true, lasting change is possible. My work is to help you see your true and highest self clearly and to support you to align your entire life with that vision.

How long? Given the nature of the deep work we do I recommend for us to work together for a minimum of 3 months.

This is an investment in yourself so be ready to put in your time, heart and energy into this work. If you do, transformation is inevitable. 

When you’re ready to experience the power of a coaching conversation, reach out to me below or in the contact page.

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