Let’s be real. Intimate relationships aren’t easy. In fact, they can be f#$%ing hard! They are the arena where our deepest fears, vulnerabilities, and trauma come up; where getting heartbroken becomes possible; where hopes and dreams come together and fall apart.

Yet they are also an arena of inexplicable beauty, joy, and fulfillment; a place where love, communion, and pleasure intertwine, and perhaps one of the few places in the world we have the potential to fully be ourselves.

Intimate relationships, at their highest expression, are designed to help us move through our fears and limitations so that we can become the best and highest versions of ourselves possible, which is what this program is all about.

The Relationship Intensive was created in response to a desire within many of my clients and community here in Berlin for a safe space to explore the ins and outs of intimate relationships, from how to step into one to how to maintain one to how to make it a spectacular one.

This program will bring together an intimate group of 6 men and women who desire to fearlessly explore the pain and beauty of intimacy in a structured and purposeful space, where each week will build on the last, creating a comprehensive program that’ll leave you feeling more confident on how you need to show up in order to have a healthy, happy and fulfilling intimate relationship.

There will be deep discussions, interactive exercises, questions for contemplation, visualizations and more!

This program is for you if you desire to:

  • Have a deeply fulfilling intimate relationship
  • Understand the fears, blocks, and limitations keeping you from your ideal relationship.
  • Explore the key ingredients of healthy and fulfilling relationships.
  • Take full responsibility for the relationships (or lack thereof) that you’re experiencing
  • Set healthy boundaries that’ll free you up to truly be fulfilled
  • Learn ways to either create or maintain that ‘spark’ in your relationship.

This program is NOT for you if you are not ready to…

  • Look within
  • Explore your fears
  • Be vulnerable
  • Take personal responsibility
  • Have an amazing, fulfilling relationship

Whether you’re looking to get into an intimate relationship, out of one, or if you’re looking to better the relationship you’re currently in, this program is for you. All that is required is your commitment to fully show up, ready to explore what’s possible.

**Due to limited space, there will be an application process that requires you to simply answer the question, why do you want to join this program? If you’re interested please fill out the form below.

Working with Jonathan has been a life-transforming experience. In a pivotal part of my life, Jonathan has gracefully held this beautiful and safe space for me, in which I can be completely honest and vulnerable. He has guided me to dive deep into myself, exploring my true desires and removing the blocks that prevent me from living more presently, authentically and joyfully.

I can happily say that through the process of working with Jonathan, my trust and confidence both in myself as well as in everything that happens has increased by leaps and bounds. The feelings of connectedness, faith and freedom have never been so present in my life.

Jonathan is more than just a coach, he is a deeply inspiring lightworker who is fully dedicated to serve the world by sharing his gifts. I have been blessed by his presence and thank him for all the patience, dedication, compassion and loving guidance he provides.

His Being truly makes a difference in my life and I am convinced that his work will have a powerful transformative impact for everyone who is open-minded, dedicated and feels the burning desire to expand into one’s true wisdom and power.

Henrik Sahlen

Life Coach, Berlin, Germany

Program Structure

Week 1: Establishing the Foundation 

When it comes to your intimate relationships, where are you currently and where would you like to be?
During this first session, we will be establishing trust and intimacy within the group, setting up the stage to begin opening up and sharing where we are and where we’d like to be.

Week 2: Seeking Clarity

What are the key ingredients of healthy, happy and fulfilling relationships?
This will be a guided exploration with group activities sprinkled in.

Week 3: Exploring our Shadows

What baggage am I bringing into my relationship (or potential relationship) and how is this affecting how good it can be?
This is where we start getting our hands dirty, exploring aspects of ourselves that we have possibly avoided our entire lives. This is the most important module in the program, without which, true happiness and fulfillment within a relationship (or within oneself) is impossible.

Week 4: Taking Ownership

How am I responsible for what I’m experiencing in my relationship (or lack thereof)?
Building off of last week, here we explore the power of taking personal responsibility for what we’re experiencing, as well as the potentially catastrophic price one pays for not doing so.

Week 5: Establishing Healthy Boundaries

Why are healthy boundaries absolutely necessary to experience a truly fulfilling relationship?
Not prioritizing your self-care, not expressing what you think or how you feel, always saying ‘yes’, not sharing values and not having trust….these are all major reasons why relationships fail and what we’ll be exploring during this week.

Week 6: Creating the Environment

How can I create (or maintain) the “spark” in my relationship?
Relationships are a playground of exploration. They’re meant to be fun! In this last week, we’ll be exploring sexual compatibility and how to create a fun and spontaneous environment that keeps the relationship fresh and exciting.

 Program Details

Duration: 6 weeks

Dates: Wednesday, February 21- Thursday, March 29th
*All sessions will be held on Wednesdays except the last one which will be on Thursday

Time: 19:00-21:00

Location: Prenzlauer Berg (exact location will be sent when you sign up)

Investment: €289 (€48/ session)
*Also possible to pay in two installments. Include this request in the message below if interested

I had an incredible experience during Jonathan’s four-week empowerment group workshop. He created a very comfortable atmosphere allowing each participant to openly share their issues. It was the first, but definitely not the last time I will participate in his sessions.

I’ve had experiences with coaching in the past but the experience with Jonathan was different. His work is much deeper, helping the conversations go to a whole different level. I thought I would feel uncomfortable speaking about my issues, but that wasn’t the case at all. Jonathan gave me space to find my inner truth and to connect to the peace within me. Trusting myself and accepting the inner growth that is happening takes time but I can see now that it is SO possible.

Jonathan helped me understand myself more deeply, specifically how to be comfortable with myself and how to express who I am, what I want and what I have to say and give to the world. Because of Jonathan’s work I am aware of what I’m afraid of, why I do certain things in certain situations and what techniques I can use to help empower myself. I feel much more confident in who I am.

Honestly, this was a life changing moment.

Andrea Fleischer

Executive Assistant @ BCG DV , Berlin, Germany

If you are interested in participating in the Relationship Intensive please fill out the form below answering the question, “Why do you want to join this program?

***Due to limited space this component is required