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Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Dr. Matthias Müller-Lindenberg

Executive Leadership Coach, Deep Coach and Founder @ Müller-Lindenberg Leadership Advisors
Berlin, Germany  

Jonathan took me to very deep places of silence, remembering, mourning and faith in the benevolence of life as well as trust in my abilities. Our work was calm, solid, full of heartfelt appreciation for each other and a great source of energy. With Jonathan, not only did I find peace after disruptions of my private and professional life but also the space that allowed me to re-invent myself by arriving home within me. Jonathan is an outstanding coach. My coaching experience with him is one of the absolute best of the many I have had in my life.

Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Sarah Rose 

Transformational Life Coach @ Crystal Transitions Coaching
Florida, United States  

 Jonathan is an inspiration, an incredible coach and no worded expression will suffice. I can only try . But, take him along on your own personal voyage to experience just what is yours all along! He knows the way. 

Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Hamlet Mesa 

Personal Trainer @ Fitness by Hamlet
Miami, United States  

I first met Jonathan while attending a breathwork session in Coconut Grove.  I was instantly drawn to him.  Perhaps it was his genuine presence, his smile or the recognition two souls have that are destined to meet and work together.  

At the time I was dealing with much pain and was desperately looking for a way to get ME back.  Some very poor choices had caused me to have suffered very bad consequences and found myself in a perpetual prison of obsession, anxiety, and depression.  I had no way out.  From the moment I opened my eyes in the morning to the last second before bed every nightlife was a complete and daily struggle.  Earlier at the onset, I was incapable of getting out of bed, pouring myself a glass of water or making coffee.  I had lost my grip on life.  My emotions were in control of me.  Never had I felt so desperate, hopeless and tired.  

Jonathan created a healing space for me.  He became my friend, my mentor and “big brother” although I am several years older than him.  By walking with me step by step through the muddy waters of my depression, I was able to accept what was happening and realize that somewhere in that mess I had not lost ME.  I was still there.  There was nowhere I could have gone even though at times I did not recognize what I had become.  Through Jonathan’s coaching, I was able to reconnect with Essence, Spirit and that deep shining light I knew I had but had been unable to grasp.  

During sessions, sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried… many times I remained silent. Most importantly I healed and began to rise above MY own self-created and self-imposed limitations. I stepped into my Light and Authenticity once again. By working with Jonathan I reclaimed my most cherished and self-created mantra: DIVE INWARD, LOOK ONWARD, MOVE FORWARD. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. 

Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Stefanie Richard 

Vienna, Austria  

I will never forget Jonathan’s voice. It’s a calmful voice that strengthens me whenever I’m weak. It’s a powerful voice in times of insecurity and doubt. It always has the best advice for any seemingly hopeless situation. And it has become part of the voice of my heart that never stops telling me “I am who I am and that is good enough”.

Without Jonathan I would not be where I am today. He helped me overcome a major time of transition in my life, helping me feel more centered and secure.

This is why I’m so thankful! And I will not only keep that voice close to my heart but I will also pass on all those healing and motivating words to people that don’t have the chance to ever hear that voice.

Thanks coach 😉

Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Henrik Sahlen 

Life Coach 
Berlin, Germany  

Working with Jonathan has been a life-transforming experience. In a pivotal part of my life, Jonathan has gracefully held this beautiful and safe space for me, in which I can be completely honest and vulnerable. He has guided me to dive deep into myself, exploring my true desires and removing the blocks that prevent me from living more presently, authentically and joyfully.

I can happily say that through the process of working with Jonathan, my trust and confidence both in myself as well as in everything that happens has increased by leaps and bounds. The feelings of connectedness, faith and freedom have never been so present in my life.

Jonathan is more than just a coach, he is a deeply inspiring lightworker who is fully dedicated to serve the world by sharing his gifts. I have been blessed by his presence and thank him for all the patience, dedication, compassion and loving guidance he provides.

His Being truly makes a difference in my life and I am convinced that his work will have a powerful transformative impact for everyone who is open-minded, dedicated and feels the burning desire to expand into one’s true wisdom and power.


Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Ashley Williams 

Wales, United Kingdom

Consider the following: warm, caring empathetic, passionate, honest, patient, genuine, humble, diligent, intellectually-curious, intelligent, knowledgeable, wise. These are all human qualities which are not unusual in isolation, but extremely rare when the totality is amalgamated in one individual. It is my firm opinion that all of these adjectives can be used to describe Jonathan Hermida; and these attributes make him not only a formidable life coach, but also a very fine human being.

In addition, he is an excellent listener, and I am sure that Jonathan’s ability to listen, absorb and process information in a meaningful and constructive manner is highly valued by all those with whom he comes into contact.

I would posit that you cannot help people to help themselves if you are merely equipped with good intentions. You need to really understand them. But in order to really understand them, you need to really listen to them; and in order to really listen, absorb and process the information you are receiving, you have to genuinely care about them. These skills and qualities are parts of the ‘whole’, from whence the word ‘holistic’ is derived. With this in mind, I believe that Jonathan’s life coaching approach is holistic in more ways than one.

It has been commented in the press that the so-called ‘selfie-generation’ would be more accurately described as ‘the generation of the self’. Whether that’s true or not I do not know for sure, but I often perceive it to be so. In any case, Jonathan’s deep and sincere caring for others is, in my opinion, an increasingly rare and precious commodity in the modern world; and it will prove to be an integral ingredient both in his future success as a life coach, and in the greatly-improved health and happiness of all those who are fortunate enough to meet him.



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Andrea Fleischer 

Executive Assistant @ Boston Consulting Group DV 
Berlin, Germany 

I had an incredible experience during Jonathan’s four-week empowerment group workshop. He created a very comfortable atmosphere allowing each participant to openly share their issues. It was the first, but definitely not the last time I will participate in his sessions.

I’ve had experiences with coaching in the past but the experience with Jonathan was different. His work is much deeper, helping the conversations go to a whole different level. I thought I would feel uncomfortable speaking about my issues, but that wasn’t the case at all. Jonathan gave me space to find my inner truth and to connect to the peace within me. Trusting myself and accepting the inner growth that is happening takes time but I can see now that it is SO possible.

Jonathan helped me understand myself more deeply, specifically how to be comfortable with myself and how to express who I am, what I want and what I have to say and give to the world. Because of Jonathan’s work I am aware of what I’m afraid of, why I do certain things in certain situations and what techniques I can use to help empower myself. I feel much more confident in who I am.

Honestly, this was a life changing moment.



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Frank Navarro 

Realtor @ Douglas Elliman  
Miami, United States

I can say, without exaggeration, that Jonathan’s combination of empathy, strength, patience, compassion and insight have helped me see things in a different light.

His gentle approach and solid sound advice can make a world of a difference. After a beautiful experience in Peru with Jonathan I knew then he had a natural and special way to communicate with others. I am hoping to share many more special moments in the years to come.



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Aryaa Akshay 

Writer, Painter, and Creative Leader @ Intuned 
Mumbai, India

Jonathan, to have you hold space for me week after week is super empowering! You have a powerful, nudging energy around you that is transforming me by leaps and bounds every week! I have to congratulate you and thank you for bringing this gift to me. I have always urged and yearned for this feeling of alignment and now I have it, come what may. I am so excited to walk this subtle journey of awareness and awakening, especially now that I’ve found an exact match in my coach.

Thank you for being in the life changing business! You’re a beautiful gift to this world super coach!



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Julio Hernandez D.M.D 

Dentist and Owner @ Biscayne Wellness Center
Miami, United States 

After spending a transformational week with Jonathan in the mountains of Peru, I have a new appreciation for him as a life coach. Jonathan shows a true inner peace that is powerful and moving. I see Jonathan as a beautiful spirit that has answered his life calling. Whether speaking to him directly, or watching him work with others, his genuine empathy is undeniable. I’m looking forward to sharing with him again!



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Marcel Luisis  

Entrepreneur and Film Editor

I have had the privilege to experience Jonathan’s work several times in different settings and every single one has been more transformational than the last.

Germany, Miami and last but definitely not least Peru. I had never considered having a coach or even less going out on a retreat, yet there was something about Jonathan’s energy and the life situation I was in that felt right, so I decided to pull the trigger and boy am I glad I did!

There is something very special about Jonathan and his work. He not only listens deeply which is what many of us are looking for but he also knows what questions to ask to truly get the most out of ourselves. Through different, well coordinated steps, Jonathan was able to bring to light my fears, doubts, insecurities, limitations and was able to pinpoint why I was feeling those emotions. It was a crazy experience to say the least how in a matter of minutes he was able to take me to my past and pick those thorns which had been pricking me for years.

I knew I had certain “issues” yet after my experience with Jonathan I realized that what I thought was my main problem actually stemmed from old suppressed memories, and once I saw it, I was able to take it on. Through further sessions with him I was able to find myself, my balance, my drives, what I want to do with my life and so much more.

I can firmly and happily say that Jonathan is truly, an amazing professional and anyone who is privileged enough to have a chance to work with him should definitely take on the blessing!



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Christopher Gueits  

Impact Driven Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and Film Producer
San Francisco, United States 

Jonathan helped me out during a difficult transition period.

We worked together for a month, and in the time I had an impartial, wholehearted companion to ask me thoughtful, probing questions to help me unearth my own answers and tap into a reservoir of inner power that lay dormant in that moment. Our conversations were also practical, as we moved from the soul stirring to the present moment, and crafted a plan to meet my short term needs.

Every coaching conversation with Jonathan was a grounding, peaceful and generative; one that left me with a sense of increasing clarity and possibility.  As a man and coach, Jonathan operates from a place of wholeheartedness, wisdom and patience that flows from a place of deep universal connection, bringing out the best in me and I imagine, all those he touches.



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Thorsten Schildgen  

Investment Analyst @Deutsche Bank
Berlin, Germany

Jonathan is an amazing guy.  He helped me during a time when I was very down, with very little happiness in life or in love. I decided to sign a twelve session contract with him which sent me on a deep journey of transformation that began with many fears and a lot of pain and ended with self-love and acceptance. I now feel more powerful and more connected to my masculinity than ever before. I recommend every man work with Jonathan as he helps you in an amazing way and supports you to live a better life. Of course, you need to be strong to resist the hard times that naturally come with transformation, but the success at the end is priceless. Thank you Jonathan, you will always play a very important part of my life!



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Lim Siew Siew  

Life Coach and Trainer 

I have learned a lot about myself after having Jonathan as my coach. He has supported me through various parts of my life including self-development, family issues and helped me through my learning experience in my coaching school. He is incredibly attentive and compassionate about my issues.

Every session with Jonathan has helped me grow to a stronger person. He helped me realize that I am more than the person I think I am. Jonathan has been an amazing partner in the journey of my self-growth and I am very thankful that I have contacted him to coach me from the beginning. I am so much more confident and aware of myself in my approach in life, all thanks to his acknowledgment and encouragement throughout our sessions. Thank you Jonathan!



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Carsten Willert   

Managing Director and Business Coach @ Home of Coaching 
Berlin, Germany 

 Jonathan is a passionate spiritual warrior, constantly striving to improve himself and share his own growth with others. He is a good listener with great empathy. An excellent networker and extremely professional. I can only recommend people to spend their time with him and benefit from his wisdom.



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Keyara Fleece   

Music Teacher @ Global Prodigy/ Academy  
Virginia, United States 

Working with Jonathan helped me gain so much clarity in my life. He is an exceptionally caring and non-judgmental coach, so I had no barriers to stop me from moving forward in my life and uncovering many thoughts I didn’t always know that I had. During our time together he was a consistent source of encouragement, motivation, inspiration and support. My experience was unforgettable! 



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Gail Mohammed   

VP of Human Resources @ Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited  
Trinidad and Tobago 

I have benefited immensely from Jonathan’s coaching sessions. His coaching supported me in making a major decision to bring happiness and fulfillment in my life. I was able to make a transition to a more balanced approach to life, which so far has been very rewarding and different to how I spent the last few years when I felt overwhelmed for the last decade and a half. He is very personable and leads you to a voyage of self-discovery, goal setting and goal achievement that i have found not frightening at all, but his techniques actually make the journey exciting. My deepest thanks to Jonathan for his coaching sessions, which I count as a major milestone in my life.



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Diana Brandl   

Office Admin Industry Leader, Speaker and Coach  @ The Socialista Projects
Berlin, Germany  

I recently met Jonathan during a group coaching here in Berlin. After the session, I engaged him in a conversation about a couple of the points we discussed in the group.

It was quite remarkable and I am still amazed at how these few brief conversations have affected me. Truly inspirational. But that’s the way he makes you feel.

Whether you are just starting on your journey or you took the wrong road, Jonathan can help you find your way. He will guide you to bring your professional or personal project to the next level as a coach, mentor and yes – life changer.



Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Scott Masciarelli   

Executive Leadership Coach 
Virginia, United States   

Jonathan’s coaching style is inviting and he has the ability to very quickly get me centered into the coaching session by creating a calming environment. I welcome this as I am often coming from a much busier mindset. His presence makes opening up easy and his questions and observations always help me to become more aware. Above all, it is great to be able to have a conversation with a guy who understands a guy’s perspective. This is so important! I highly recommend Jonathan as your coach.




Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Anne Varin  

Life Coach and Healer 
Paris, France   

Jonathan coached me during a turning point in my career. He helped me along to give reality to my ideas through a professional and concrete support. I felt like I had a real partner to walk this new path with. His international experience was to key to understand my cultural context. He also contributed to open perspectives, providing stimulating material for thought. I really enjoyed the way he was conducting our working sessions, being a professional partner, non-judgmental and benevolent. I am very thankful for this creative teamwork. Merci Jonathan!




Jonathan Hermida Testimonial

Jorge Martinez  

Graphic Designer  
United States   

I am very grateful to have been your client. With your teachings and guidance, I now have the emotional+mental stength and clarity to motivate myself past my expectations. Not only do I have more confidence, but I have the ambition and patience to continue to pursue my career in graphic design. Thank you.




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